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EME 5432 by Mind Map: EME 5432

1. Networked Student

1.1. This student can learn from other students around the world and experts in various fields

1.2. Communicates on a global scale to share thoughts and ideas with others

1.3. Engages in research on a global scale

1.4. Communicates with real people to get real information on current issues

2. Bridging the Digital Divide

2.1. Be creative when trying to apply technology in the classroom, especially when technology is limited

2.2. Ask for grants from state, county, national and local levels

2.3. encourage students and parents to contribute to the technology needs

2.4. Ask your PTA for help

2.5. Find ways to access technology from outside classroom resources (library etc)

3. Digital Literacy

3.1. Protecting students from inaccurate information

3.2. Developing the skills to use technology in an effective and efficient manner

3.3. Understanding how to use various technologies in an educational capacity (twitter)

3.4. Learning how to access primary sources and other useful resources to the classrooms

3.5. Learning how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom in ways that benefit the student

4. Web Applications

4.1. Can be used to great lengths to educate students

4.2. Gives the educator access to seemingly infinite resources which can be used to enhance the typical classroom education

4.3. Can be used to provide methods of alternate assessment

4.4. Gives students and teachers a chance to think outside the box

5. Inquiry Learning with Technology

5.1. gives students a chance to engage in true historical research

5.2. Makes primary sources more available than ever

5.3. Allows students to explore a wide range of topics and relate the matieral to classroom content

5.4. Allows students to learn from each other and others on a global scale