PBL 7 session 3

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PBL 7 session 3 by Mind Map: PBL 7 session 3

1. Step 9

1.1. Review session 2

1.2. mechanism flow chart

1.3. 20 minutes

2. Step 10

2.1. Management

2.1.1. goals

2.1.2. antibiotics doxycyclin one week to three weeks 1st line therapy was shown as more effective than azithromycin 100 mg inhibits the protein synthesis of the bacteria cheeper than azythromycin and has multiple doses better in complicated cases palpitatio azithromycin one single dose 1st line therapy recommended in pregnants higher cost palpitation is one of the side effects erythromycin and penicilin in pregnancy more side effects there is some interaction with alcoho if noncompliance is a concern so the dose van be as single and admission can be done adding ofloxacin if gonorrhea is a co-infection not recommended in children and pregnants because of side effects only if symptoms persist, infection tests can should be done, and in pregnancy gonorrhea treatment and testing is highly indicated in hih risk people (infected parter and endemic areas) shouldnt have intercorse during treatment period safe sex counseling including condoms can be done as protection contact tracing is very important to prevent infections it is not perfectly well in many areas empirical treatment can be administered HIV and pregnancy tests vaccination for HBV and HPV

2.1.3. follow-up re-testing after 3 months of tratment test of cure after 3 weeks of treatment

2.2. Prevention

2.2.1. primary education about safe sex condoms and OCP for pregnancy vaccinations for HBV and HPV education about all types of sex especially in some people like truck drivers

2.2.2. secondary screening annualy for chlamydia and gonorrhea for high risk people like infected partners and homosexual (man having sex with man) people, even if theres asymptomatic

2.2.3. tertiary regular pap-smear is crucial especially in high risk patients for cervical cancer

2.3. 60 minutes

3. step 11

3.1. Review and evaluate

3.2. Group members

3.3. Chairman

3.4. Scribe

3.5. Tutor

3.6. Material

3.7. 10 minutes