C1 Believing in God

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C1 Believing in God by Mind Map: C1 Believing in God

1. Reasons why some people do not believe in God

1.1. non-religious explanations of the world

1.2. Non-religious explanations of miracles

1.3. Unanswered prayers

1.4. Evil and suffering

2. Reasons why people believe in God

2.1. Religious upbringing

2.1.1. Sacraments

2.1.2. Prayer

2.1.3. Catholic Education

2.1.4. Mass

2.2. Religious experience

2.2.1. Numinous

2.2.2. Miracle

2.2.3. Answered Prayer

2.2.4. Conversion

2.3. Appearance of design in the world

2.4. Causation

2.5. Search for meaning and purpose

2.6. Presence of religion

3. The problem of evil and suffering

3.1. the problem

3.2. why it causes problems for religious believers

3.3. how Catholics respond the problem