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Nanotechnology by Mind Map: Nanotechnology
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nano pesticide

Automobile Industry

Limited Funding

Expensive Research

Financial Difficulty

New Scenario and Market

Engine Protector

Coatings for Engines, Increases Durability

Fillers for Metals and Plastic, Increases Strength

Nano Fluids

Increase performance of car liquids

Additive to existing fluids, Reduces friction, Improves Efficiency

Nanoparticle tires

Increased thread wear resistance

Increased Friction

US Patent 6469089 issued in favor of Cabot Corporation, nanoscale PĆ¼reNanoTM silicon carbide, 50% reduction in abrasion, improvement in wet skid resistance

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS, high-performance rubber additive - Nanoprene


food production

Genetically modified food

nano fertilizer

food preservation

Ex: nano refrigerator, paint a far-infrared-ray material to the refrigerator inside. this material can absorb heat to scatter far infrared ray, which can revitalize foods.

Ex: nanosilver food container, nanosilver prevents any molecule adhering to the inner side of containers

Ex: nano robot, nanoparticle applied to food package can detect the number of bacteria and then change the color of the package as a warning or safty indicator

food flavor

nanoized seasonings can accelerate flavor diffusion

nanoized foods increase foods' taste, Ex: nanoized cheese, nanoized casein in cheese tastes more smooth and stronger, because the molecular size was nanoized.


nano food, nanoparticle facilitates our bodies' nutrition ingestion, Ex: nano milk, add easy-absorbed nano calcium and iron

Automotive Industry / Travel

Space Programmes and Airplanes

Improved Error Recognition*

Autonomy on Space Craft*