Education Professions!!!

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Education Professions!!! by Mind Map: Education Professions!!!

1. 2nd Year Course

1.1. I have loved being a part of the second year course.

1.2. Great Friends


1.3. ~Expectations~

1.3.1. Most of my expectations of the class were right on.

1.3.2. ..but some of my expectations weren't completely met.

2. Important Activity

2.1. I think the project I worked the hardest on was the diversity lesson plan.

2.1.1. Why is it important?

2.1.2. What would I change?

3. Most growth as a future educator

3.1. Technology Camp

3.1.1. Close Up Look!


3.2. State officer


4. Challenges

4.1. Teacher's Job

4.2. American Education