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Education Professions!!! by Mind Map: Education Professions!!!
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Education Professions!!!

2nd Year Course

I have loved being a part of the second year course.

During my first year in this class, I came to realize that this elective truly was a great way to learn more about the teaching profession. It has given me such an inside look at how things are run from the other end and how more complex it really is. Not only has it boosted my already started goal or teaching, but this class has given me a whole new respect for teachers. I have loved participating in the second year and having more one on one time with students. I have also like teaching more lessons and teaching some of the first years and seeing how they are taking in all the information I received last year. All around it has been a great experience that started at the beginning of last year. I look forward to this next semester :)

Great Friends


Important Activity

I think the project I worked the hardest on was the diversity lesson plan.

Most growth as a future educator

Technology Camp

I'm not sure if you were wanting an actual assignment but I would have to say the Technology Camps I've attending have made a great impact on my growth as a future teacher. I've learned so much on how to incorporate technology into lesson plans. And I believe it's important to "keep up with the times" in your classrooms so the students can feel more connected with what they're doing. Technology makes things easier and usually more interesting so the student stays captivated. Also through these camps, especially the summer one, I've had some amazing discussions with other teachers. I loved the summer camp with teachers and students because we all got into very thorough debates and were able to see so many different views on how to do things. It was very interesting to see how one teacher would do something completely different than the other. Or to see how we were all given the same assignment of creating a virtual lesson plan but that we all came up with totally different presentations. I really believe that these camps have helped me tremendously in gaining new ideas for future teaching, and they have helped me get more practice creating lesson plans that I'm not always able to do in class because time doesn't permit it.

State officer

I would also have to say that being a state officer, and the president at that, has definitely contributed to my educational growth. I've done more this year with this program then I could have ever imagined, and the year is only half over. Being a state officer has really put me into the leader position. I always knew that I could be a good leader, but it was just intuition, I never had to put it to a test. Well this year I did and I was glad to know that my intuition was correct. I am experiencing what it takes to be in charge of big organization. The fact that I'm directing other people, a lot of other people at the events, is still a little crazy to me. But it's a good crazy. I'm really enjoying the role I'm playing in FEA, and it's not like I'm being forced to take on ridiculous amounts of work. Gerry does quite a bit and he's really the head honcho. I have already been able to have so many great experiences through being a state officer. The opportunities I've been given and the people I've met have given me so much more insight into this profession. I have loved having the opportunity to meet not only other teachers, but state educational directors and curriculum writers. It makes me feel like I'm starting to head towards my career now rather than having to wait another few years. I think that because of these opportunities I will actually be able to be that teacher that makes a difference in students lives and works as more than just a educator but as a reformer too.


Teacher's Job

Teacher's jobs are very important because they influence the student's life. Generally, teachers are people who care about others and want to make a difference in children's lives. However, this is difficult to do when given such a short amount of time with these students. This is more prominent in high school than in elementary school because elementary school teachers at least get to spend the whole day with the same students. In high school classes, teachers are given 55 minutes a day to complete everything they wish to get done that day. This means that most of the time must be spent teaching the curriculum, which doesn't leave much room for in depth discussions or one on one teaching. It also means that the students can't do as much as you'd planned. There's not as much time for projects and activties to make the students understand something more thoroughly and in a way other than just lecturing. Making sure the students understand the lesson is stress enough, before even adding the fact that most teachers strive to teach improtant values and good character to their students as well. This is an awful long list of things to achieve in a 55 minute time period. This opens the idea that teachers must learn how to teach creatively, and add the idea of good values into the curriculum lesson. The truly amazing teachers that I've seen are the ones who are able to do this.

American Education

One of the greatest issues of American education is the priority education is given in. Education is so low on the priority list, causing many problems ain educations and many stresses. Of course, one of the biggest issues with this will be the budget. Education has never been given enough funds to truly excel in teaching. Our schools can only do so much with the amount they are given. As long as there are so many other areas considered more important than education, we will always have problems. There are never enough teachers, or supplies, or funds to perform to the highest ability. Perhaps if education was bumped up on the priority list there would be more opportunities to enhance student learning through smaller class sizes, more one on one teaching, and more materials to teach their lessons with. Hopefully with a higher priority we will have less unfunded mandates and requirements which are lowering our success rates and causing more stress in our schools. Society needs to realize that educating our youth is one of the most important aspects of our nation. Without our youth being educated, we have no future. Therefore, we need to realize how significant education is and give it more support in all areas.