Evolutionary Psychology

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Evolutionary Psychology by Mind Map: Evolutionary Psychology

1. Natural and Sexual Selection

1.1. Evolutionary Psychology and Human Sexuality by Russell Eisenman, Phd.

1.2. Culture Speeds Up Human Evolution, by David Biello

1.3. Sexual attractiveness (video)

1.4. The Evolutionary Psychology of Human Sex and Gender, by Daniel Pouzzner

1.5. Sexual Selection, Geoffrey Miller

1.6. Wealthy men give women more orgasms, by Jonathan Leake

1.7. Blog for Darwin (blog swarm)

1.8. Why Sex?: PBS series on sex

1.8.1. The Advantage of Sex

1.8.2. Is Love in our DNA?

2. Inclusive Fitness

2.1. Evolution of Social Behavior, by Theodore C. Bergstrom

2.2. Multiple Intelligences, by Howard Gardner

2.3. Judgment Under Uncertainty, by Amos Tversky; Daniel Kahneman

3. Ethology

3.1. Interplay of genetic and epigenetic factors in behavior of rats

3.2. Summary of Lorenz On Aggression

3.3. Clark, J. J. & Bernstein, I. L. Sensitization of salt appetite is associated with increased ‘wanting’ but not ‘liking’ of a salt reward in the sodium-deplete rat. Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol 120(1), Feb 2006. pp. 206-210

3.4. Panksepp, J. (2005). Affective consciousness: Core emotional feelings in animals and humans. Consciousness and Cognition, 14, 30-80.

4. Adaptation

4.1. specificity

4.1.1. R. Thornhill. (1997). Characterizing human psychological adaptations. In Ciba Foundation Symposium, Characterizing human psychological adaptations: The concept of evolved Adaptation (pp. 4-13). England: John Wiley & Sons.

4.2. functional

4.2.1. Creativity and Mental Illness

4.2.2. Congenital pain insensitivity

5. Origins of Human Nature

5.1. Hominid timeline

5.2. Hall of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History

6. Comparative Psychology

6.1. Comparative approaches In EP: Molecular Science meets the mind

6.2. Stephen J. Suomi ‘s article on early determinants of behavior – evidence from primate studies

6.3. Free talks by remarkable people

6.4. Learning styles and self test

7. Social Groups

7.1. Pinocchio Theory - Evolution of Music

7.2. Evolution of Social Behavior: Individual and Group Selection, by Theodore C. Bergstrom

7.3. Evolutionary Social Psycology

7.4. Panksepp, J. (2006). The neuroevolutionary and neuroaffective psychobiology of the prosocial brain. Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, Chapter 12.