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TAP- Associate App by Mind Map: TAP- Associate App

1. Customer Profile

1.1. Self Profile

1.1.1. Demographic Information

1.1.2. Apparel Fit/Sizes

1.1.3. Genre Selection (Optional)

1.2. Family Profile

1.2.1. Demographic Information

1.2.2. Apparel Fit/Sizes

1.2.3. Genre Selection (choice)

1.2.4. Kid's Date of Birth, Age

1.3. Preferred Stores (to shop)

1.4. Custom Field Information (open-ended)

1.5. Customer choice of departments to be shown for promotional offers

1.6. Appointments

1.6.1. Create an appointment

1.6.2. Cancel an appointment

1.6.3. Appointment Follow-on Tasks ** Will need to be a menu option in the Associate fronting app Reminders for Customer for Sales Associate/Service Associate in-store Alerts for customers Thank you Notes for utilizing the services Cross-selling opportunities

1.6.4. Task Management for associates ** Will need to be a menu option in the Associate fronting app Triggered creation of tasks as appointments-line -up

1.6.5. View an appointment View the Appointment history

1.7. Address Book

1.7.1. Create Shipping Address Book Entry

1.7.2. Update Shipping Address Book Entry

1.7.3. Delete Shipping Address Book Entry Validate Address entry added using external Shipping API's

1.7.4. Add Billing Address(s) to re-use to save re-entry at checkout

1.8. Create Multiple Wishlist s

1.8.1. Add items to a wish list

1.8.2. Remove items from the wishlist

1.8.3. Add Multiple Wishlists

1.8.4. Remote Single/Multiple Wishlists

2. Security Access Privileges

2.1. Login using Associate Credentials

2.2. Login using Badge Swipe

2.3. Login using Barcode embedded on badge

3. Customer record access

3.1. Swipe customer loyalty card

3.2. Customer Information

3.2.1. Hand Phone Number

3.2.2. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.

4. Catalog Access

4.1. Browse

4.1.1. Browse through multiple departments Sort Lists by Ascending Lists by Descending Filter Dynamic Filters Product Hierarchy Accommodation Level 0 > Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3 > Level 4 ...n

4.2. Department>Sub-Department>Class>Sub-Class> Style> SKU/UPC

4.3. Search

4.3.1. Text search

4.3.2. Suggestive Search More like this....lists

4.3.3. Suggestive Search and Buy button within the search results (for FMCGs)

4.3.4. Synonym Based Search

4.3.5. Present Product Promotions as part of the search results

4.3.6. Faceted Search Unique Field Values Explicit Queries Date Ranges Numeric Ranges/Pivot

4.3.7. Keyword

4.3.8. Wildcard based Search

4.3.9. Spell Correction for user queries/search strings

4.3.10. Sorting

4.3.11. Rule-based

4.3.12. Proximity Sensitive Search Products near you in-store Coupons available on products near you in-store

4.4. Product Scan

4.4.1. Finding basic information about the product

4.4.2. Find related products

4.4.3. Price Comparison Third-Party tools integration, if any

4.5. Product Comparison Tool

4.5.1. Drag and Drop

4.5.2. Check Boxes or User Actions to add products to comparison tool to provide with a feature wise comparison

4.6. Product Detail Page

4.6.1. Rich Content Images Videos User-Contributed Content

4.6.2. Product Title

4.6.3. Variations representation Size Colour Size and Colour

4.6.4. Pricing Information Promotional Information, if any

4.6.5. Add to... Cart Wishlist Shopping List Gift Registry

4.6.6. Frequently bought together items listing

4.6.7. Product Specifications

4.6.8. Technical Specifications/Details

4.6.9. Additional Information

4.6.10. Product Description

4.6.11. Customer Reviews and Ratings

4.6.12. Information fed from social networking channels relatd to product

4.6.13. Inventory Information In-stock Out-of-stock x units left Discontinuation Notices Product Recall Information

5. Create Cart

5.1. Add items for immediate pickup

5.2. Items for pick up at remote locations

5.3. Buy Online- Pick and Pay in Store

5.4. Buy and Pay Online- Pick in Store

5.5. Add line items to be shipped directly to the customer's desired shipping address

6. Store Locator

6.1. By Postal Code

6.2. By GPS co-ordinates

6.3. By State

6.4. By Region

6.5. Store Departments

6.6. Store Facilities

6.7. Store Maps

6.7.1. Static Maps

6.7.2. Dynamic Maps You are here In-Store Navigation (will require additional hardware) Click to Zoom on maps to find brands stocked in a department

7. In-store Navigation

7.1. Zoom into a specific department (in store map view)

7.2. Check to see what promotions does the aisle has to offer

7.3. See any new product launches in the department that the customer is browsing in the map

7.4. Render coupons as the customer navigates to the specific department

7.5. Render the entire store-wide promotions

7.6. Use Customer Shopping List

7.6.1. Represent location of items on the shopping list in the in-store navigation map

7.7. Promotional Offers on products near you in-store

8. Customer Assistance Services

8.1. Able to view customer in-store requests for additional information

8.2. Able to answer the customer queries over IM conversation

8.3. Able to answer the customer queries over telephonic conversations

8.4. Able to view the location of the customer in the store and an ability to view an optimal path for navigating within the store to reach the customer? Similar to walking directions in Google Maps

8.4.1. Will this be an overkill ?!?

9. Associate specific Events

9.1. Add an associate record to the transaction or order (commission calculation)- should be privileged

9.2. Ability to provide Associate level discounts (different levels of discounts) depending on associate's qualification of providing discounts

9.3. Performing Price Overrides and Price Matching on order/transaction line items

10. Key Performance Indicators (for Store Managers)

10.1. Average Basket/Cart Size (Checked Out)

10.2. Repeat purchases (for niche products like perfumes, etc.)

10.3. Number of products/orders added to shopping cart from product details page

10.4. Number of user information requests generated from Product Detail Pages

10.4.1. Will provide insights like not enough product detail information provided in the Product Detail Page

10.5. Number of Products/Orders created from Upselling and Cross-selling e-marketing spots

10.6. Total Number of Product Views

10.7. Total Number of Shoppers who logged into the In-Store App/ Customer App from within the store

10.8. Number of Products/Orders added to shopping cart from Search

10.9. Device Statistics like Make, Model, Operating System, Version, etc.

10.9.1. Will provide retailer with an insight into what should be the test bed of devices to devise a test strategy for the mobile application

10.10. Number of Products/Orders created from the Promotions/Coupon Qualifiers

10.11. Number of Products/Orders created from the Product Recommendations (carousels)

10.12. Out-of-Stock Items

10.12.1. Number of Orders created with alternate product offerings Will help us gauge the effectiveness of the mapping for alternative items

10.13. Virtual Shopping Cart Abandonment(s)

10.14. Virtual Shopping Cart Line Item Abandonment(s)

10.15. Average Order Value

10.16. Returns/Refunds

10.16.1. Will be effective to capture the reason for return/refund Customer Service Associate Misguiding Product does not do what it is supposed to do Product does not meet the expectations Pricing Any other issue found with the product/retailer process

10.17. Total Visits/Accessed from the device

10.18. Total Check-outs performed from the app

10.19. High Networth Transactions

10.20. Appointments

10.20.1. Product addition into cart source assuming that the retailer has integrated the rest of the channels to serve omni-channel experience to its customers Website TAP Kiosk Call Center Physical Catalogue Coupon Qualifier Shopping List Effectiveness of the Shopping List Wish List Effectiveness of the Wish Lists Others, if any....

10.20.2. Appointments Created

10.20.3. Appointments Status (Transition)

10.20.4. Appointments Completed

10.21. List of Order/Transaction Lines removed from the order (after they have been added

10.22. Total Promotions Sold across the catalog

10.23. Crash Statistics

10.23.1. App Crash

10.23.2. Crash Date-Time

10.23.3. Crash - Capture Associate/Customer operating the app information

10.23.4. Crash Log, if any

10.23.5. User to provide free flow feedback to help with troubleshooting if the APP has the ability to recover and present a safe state

10.24. Proximity Sensor Couponing

10.24.1. Average Coupons Usage by customer by store...

10.24.2. Number of Coupons provided

10.24.3. Coupons saved to the Wallet/Vault

10.24.4. Coupons removed from the Wallet/Vault (unused)

10.24.5. Number of coupons used