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Accountant by Mind Map: Accountant

1. In order to become a CPA( Certified Public Accountant) you have to take an accounting degree program.

1.1. Most states require 150 semester hours.

1.2. When you have 150 hours you can sit for the CPA exam which usually requires education over the bachelor's degree level.

1.3. Once you become a CPA many states have a continuing education requirement.

2. There are top 10 schools to go to studied to be and accountant, New York, NY, Houston, TX, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA

2.1. your salary depends on where your at, and how long you've been working as an accountant, but usually is about $61,690, there is also the top 10 which is $106,880

3. High School, classes that are needed. Required to graduate from high school.

3.1. business, economics, statistics or computer applications

3.2. Four English classes, two social science classes, as well as electives in the arts or other creative fields, are necessary.

3.3. Mathematics

3.3.1. requires a minimum of four units of college-preparatory mathematics, including two years of high school algebra, geometry and one additional advanced math class, such as calculus or pre-calculus.

3.3.2. Science Two units of high-school science, such as biology, chemistry and physics, are usually required.

4. Levels of Accounting Degrees

4.1. Certificate in Accounting

4.2. Associate’s Degree in Accounting

4.3. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

4.4. Master’s Degrees in Accounting

4.5. Doctorate Degree in Accounting

5. Types of Accountant jobs.

5.1. Accounting Office Assistant

5.2. Accounting Specialist

5.3. Budget Analyst

5.4. Cash Manager

5.5. Cost Accountant

5.6. Credit Manager

5.7. Financial Accountant

5.8. Financial Analyst

5.9. Financial Manager

5.10. Forensic Accountant

5.11. Hedge Fund Manager

5.12. Insurance Underwriter

5.13. Management Accountant

5.14. Payroll Manager

5.15. Public Accountant

5.16. Tax Accountant

5.17. Venture Capitalist

5.18. Investment Banker