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1. the curious incident of the dog at night time

2. title

3. characters and author

3.1. author: Mark Haddon

3.2. characters: christopher

3.3. dad

3.4. mother

3.5. mr shears

3.6. miss shears

3.7. and other neighbours

4. Christopher :main

4.1. 15 year old boy

4.2. lives with his father

4.3. he has a deasese

4.4. he thinks that he mother died

4.5. but he however at the end he goes living with his mother

5. Dog

5.1. dog named wellington

5.2. the owner is miss shears

5.3. died with a fork

5.4. he died at midnight

6. dad :Main

6.1. Doesn't work

6.2. he is a very angry father

6.3. he always saying that he loves christopher

7. conclusion

7.1. christopher found the killer : father

7.2. he went to live with his mother

7.3. and christopher has a better life :)