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Waves by Mind Map: Waves

1. Reflection

1.1. Does not change the speed or frequency of a wave but the wave can be flipped upside down though.

1.2. Example: liquid or water in general or like in a mirror.

1.3. When you see a mirror'd image of yourself or som one else.

2. Refraction

2.1. When a wave enters a medium at an angle, refraction occurs because one side of the wave moves more slowly than the other side.

2.2. Its basically bending light.

2.3. EX:water and liquid do it as well as a mirror does.

3. Diffraction

3.1. A wave diffracts more if its wave length is large compared to the size of an opening or obstacle.

3.2. EX:Obstacles and oppenings.

3.3. Its like an illusion,it illusionises the obstacle.

4. Interference

4.1. Two types of interferences are constructive intreference and destructive interference.

4.2. EX:sound waves,light waves.

4.3. Waves and things alike have there interferences and each of them have theyre intreferences

5. constuctive interference

5.1. occurs when multiple waves combine to produce a wave with a larger displacement.

5.2. Combining elements either same or difrent can be alike in some way to be constructive.

5.3. EX: Water and sound

6. Destructive Interference

6.1. Occurs when multiple waves combine to produce a wave with a smaller displaecment.

6.2. Its like an aggitated interference

6.3. EX: explosions and defectiveness

7. Standing waves

7.1. waves that appear staying in one place doesnt seem to move through medium.

7.2. doesnt move much so it apears to the human eye.

7.3. Like concrete in a solidaded state.