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Roadmap by Mind Map: Roadmap

1. Marketing

1.1. Social Media Manager

1.1.1. Facebook

1.1.2. Twitter

1.1.3. Blog

1.1.4. Analytics

1.1.5. Ads (Google, Facebook)

1.1.6. Sales Wiki

2. Development

2.1. Specials API

2.1.1. Mobile Facebook Location-Aware Mobile App

2.1.2. Twitter

2.2. Facebook

2.2.1. Virality Exposure Mailing list Paypal integration Specials Raffle Friends faces who bought special Track posts to friends wall on analytics Facebook Publishing Permission List Review flow to fix conversion Random publishing engine: enter list of n stories to randomly publish at diff times Phantom facebook posts Gift specials via facebook Referral system via fb posts Publishing times based on wall post traffic repetition Urgency Special deal minimum Engagement Social Game

2.2.2. Analytics

2.3. Portfolios API

2.3.1. TalentFlow iAd

2.4. Homepage

2.4.1. Specials Sales Homepage

2.5. Payments

2.5.1. Automatic Affiliate/Venue payment settlement

2.5.2. Marketplace Payments

3. Sales

3.1. Event Promoters/Affiliates

3.2. Alliances with Liquor Manufacturers/Brands