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ATM User requirements by Mind Map: ATM User requirements

1. Clients

1.1. Functions

1.1.1. Retrait

1.1.2. Versement

1.1.3. Compte

1.1.4. Transfers

1.2. Quality

1.2.1. Ergonomie Fast and responsive Easy Access (impaired people) Multiple Languages Contextual Help Clean Environment Anytime Operation Abort Check for transaction costs

1.2.2. Security Protected password entering Environment Surveilllance no traces left after operation

1.2.3. Availability 24/7 operationa Help desk available for failures Multi card Connect to different banks

1.2.4. Reliability Information is correct

2. Bank Management

2.1. Quality

2.1.1. Security

2.1.2. Reliability

2.1.3. Availability

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. Automatic Failure Detection

2.2.2. Access TeleKurs