The Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge by Mind Map: The Golden Gate Bridge

1. Function

1.1. To shorten the distance of travel

1.1.1. Connects two parts of the city

1.2. A tourist attraction

1.2.1. A symbol for the city (San Fransico)

2. Loads

2.1. Dynamic

2.1.1. Rain, wind

2.2. Live load

2.2.1. People, cars, trucks

2.3. Dead Load

2.3.1. Cables, concrete on road

3. Forces

3.1. Internal

3.1.1. Tension When vehicles go on it, the bridge flexes to support the weight

3.1.2. Torsion Two different directions of wind pushing on thr bridge forcing it to twist in different directions

3.2. External

3.2.1. Gravity Vehicles that push down on to it

3.2.2. Strong winds Push onto the bridge at different directions

3.2.3. Heavy weight Can hold around 1000+ vehicles

4. Form

4.1. Frame structure

4.1.1. Metal frame Holds bridge up/makes it stronger

4.1.2. Post Makes it stable

4.1.3. Has cables Goes side to side to hold posts up

4.1.4. Bolts and Nuts Fasten it together