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Why should your country be studied? by Mind Map: Why should your country be studied?
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Why should your country be studied?


The official Language is english

The second language is porguese, which is almost exactly the same as spanish.

Bermudians have a articulated accent, its not the same as other islands, it is particularlly uncommon to others.

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Bermuda has a particularly uniquie blend of cultures.

Bermuda is a Brittish Territory and the most desired destinations among European Travelers.

The people that live on Bermuda Island practices their own culture.

Bermuda's official Language is English but since so many people immagrated from the Portugese Islands, Bermuda mostly goes by the Portugese Culture.

Famous Places

St. Peter's Church is told to be the oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemishpere. In the world St. Peter's Church ranks 3rd oldest parlaiment. Richard Moore, the first Governor of Bermuda took the time and effort to build this church in 1615.

The hill consisting the lighthouse stands around 245 feet high the height of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is 117 feet. This particular lighthouse can be seen up to 40 miles away.

Horseshoe bay is the sought out beach in Bermuda. The beach sand is highly fine and has a pink tint.