PAC MAN Original

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PAC MAN Original by Mind Map: PAC MAN Original

1. Screen1

1.1. Password and Username

1.1.1. Opening Screen two text boxes password username

1.2. If password and Username are correct

1.2.1. Output sound To allow the user to recognise they have unlocked the game sound will played when both password and username is correct, allowing the user to move on to the next screen.

1.2.2. Open Screen2 PacMan game user can then begin the game

1.3. Instructions

1.3.1. scrollable page

1.3.2. Force portrait

2. Timer/Lives

2.1. Timer

2.1.1. There are many clocks used in this game-with different puposes Ghost clock The ghost clock ,enables the movement of each sprite. It tells the ghost when to move. Boundary clock The boundary clock, is used to keep the ghost sprites in place, so that it does not touch the boundaries. score clock The score clock is used to keep track of score, and what time the score has been added. stagechange 1 When the time limit is reached in a stage, you will be moved on the next. stagechange 2 When the time limit is reached in a stage, you will be moved on the next. stagechange3 When the time limit is reached in a stage, you will be moved on the next. stagechange 4 When the time limit is reached, the user has beaten the game and will be taken to the winners screen. Survival clock This clock represent how much time it is taking for the user to stay alive. Final Clock Is used to display the time you either died or the amount of time it took the user to beat the game.

2.2. Start with 3 lives

2.2.1. Redsprite

2.2.2. Lose life

2.2.3. Count how long you can go in 3 lives 3 lives When you have run out of lives Taken to a new screen Shows time stayed alive

3. Screen 3

3.1. Actual game

3.1.1. Pacman sprite When sprite is touching boundry Then don't allow sprite to move farther

3.1.2. Controls at bottom of the screen Up button Buttons are laid out to look like the typical controls for arcade games. Down button Checks if pacman can move down before letting pacman move down Left button All of the buttons are colored differently to match the arcade style Right button Move pacman by changing the heading variable Labels at the bottom of the screen Time survived Lives remaining

3.1.3. Ghost sprite Move randomly around the screen Collide with barrier If ghost sprite touch pacman Then send pacman sprite back to beginning

3.1.4. Barrier May need to add different sprites for the pacman to interact with Would make easier for pacman and ghost interaction

3.1.5. Force Portrait

3.1.6. Time Survived Clock If you survive for a minute then open a more difficult stage Remove more boundaries Add more ghost sprites Open Loading Screen

4. The point of this app is to create a recreational game for people of all ages. This game is based off of "pac man." On the first screen there is a password page that helps you launch the page... The username is "Pac" and the password is "Man." Once you press launch, it brings you into the actual game which is located on screen 2. In our game, you have three lives. The yellow sprite (you) is trying to avoid the red sprites, every time you hit a red sprite you lose one life. This game also times how long you can play the game before losing all your lives. After you have lost all three lives it brings you to another screen, which shows the time you took to play. This game is simple and fun, and has you constantly wanting to beat your high score.

5. Loading Screen

5.1. Check how many stages the user has completed

5.1.1. By using a global stage variable

5.2. After 10 seconds

5.2.1. Open the more difficult stage

5.3. Display the time until the stage opens