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Alert Processing by Mind Map: Alert Processing

1. Alarm App

1.1. /escalation_definitions

1.1.1. /steps

1.2. /maintenance_window_definitions

1.2.1. ?open

1.3. /escalations

1.3.1. /current_alerts

1.3.2. /notification_results

1.3.3. /messages

1.3.4. /state_changes

1.3.5. /step_changes

2. Alert Import

2.1. POST /alerts

2.1.1. retrieve matching filters w/ purpose MWDef any m.filters in mw.filters? yes: discard alert

2.1.2. retrieve matching filters w/ purpose EscDef any m.filters in ed.filters? yes no: discard alert

3. Escalation Monitor

3.1. poll 15s: /escalations?state=new

3.1.1. spawn worker update state: open fetch escalation check if in maint yes: update state: in maint no: update state: prior state check state in_maint open ack susp closed check if end of steps yes no