By Frances, Alison, Stuart, Kieren and Joseph

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Portia by Mind Map: Portia

1. Love

1.1. Bassanio's love is ambiguous

1.1.1. We know Portia loves him but cannot be sure the love is mutual "In Belmont is a lady rich left..."

1.2. She loves Bassanio and gives him a second chance

1.2.1. Forgives him giving away the ring

2. Deception

2.1. Deceives her new husband

2.1.1. Bassanio

2.2. Tests his fidelity

2.2.1. 'With this ring which when you part from, lose or give away let it prsagge the ruin of your love'

2.3. Dresses as a man

2.3.1. Originally played by a young man Comedy

2.4. Attends the trial of Antonio

2.4.1. 'Were you the doctor and I knew you not?'

3. Money

3.1. Unable to marry for love?

3.1.1. She must be suspicious of her suitors

3.2. Willing to bail out Bassanio

4. Marriage

4.1. Marries Bassano

4.2. A test of three caskets for her suitors

4.2.1. First suitor is Morocco

4.2.2. Second is Aragon

4.2.3. Third is Bassanio