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Madagascar by Mind Map: Madagascar
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exotic animals


evolved 50 to 60 million years ago

93 species

found across the island

examples are bamboo, black, dwarf, and mouse lemurs


capable to see insect movement at a 12 foot depth

endangered by habitat destruction and widespread persecution

to native malagasy it is thought as the bringer of bad luck

has ears of bat and teeth of a rat


notcural carnivore closely related to the mongoose

looks like a cros ebtween a dog and a puma

very unique, can manuever well both in trees and on land

hunts and feeds off of virtually any animal

largest predator

geographical significance

with its extraordinary, yet highly threatened biodiversity, the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is a global conservation priority

habitats ranging from tropical rainforests to dry forests, spiny deserts, reefs, islands, sea grass beds, mangrove forests, and estuaries

turn leads to the depletion of Madagascar’s biodiversity capital; only a small fraction of the original forest remains, and many charismatic species have become extinct

population is one of the poorest in the world, had limited land tenure rights, little access to information and minimal support for alternative livelihoods resulting in devasting standard of living and natural environment

Madagascar separated from mainland Africa between 100 and 200 million years ago


Madagascar is a natural landfall for seafarers sailing east from Africa or west from Indonesia

as much Indonesian as African

first known to Europeans after being sighted in 1500 by a Portuguese ship on the new route to India, but it is not until a century later that much outside attention is paid to the place

Eurpoeans there were thought to be pirates

had two devasting cyclones happen in early 200