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Ideas by Mind Map: Ideas

1. Weather

1.1. Types of weather

1.1.1. Seasons Summer Autumn Spring Winter

1.1.2. Cold Frosty Dew Ice Snow Hail

1.1.3. Hot Humid Dry Draught Sunny Dustbstorm Fire

1.1.4. Windy Whistles Gusts Blowing Gail force Rattling Breeze

1.1.5. Clouds Most Fog Rain clouds Sunset Scientific names of clouds Atmosphere Storm Shapes

1.1.6. Storms Cyclone Hurricane Blizzard Thunder and lightening Tornado Typhoon Monsoon

1.1.7. Temperature

1.2. Wellington weather

1.3. Metaphors

2. Research questions

2.1. How can illustration be used to explore the role of imagination is the design process

2.2. How can illustration be used to illustrated the role of the story teller in today's society

2.3. How can illustration Be used to encourage people to use their imaginations

2.4. Explore the use of visual methaphors through illustration

2.5. Explore the technique of visual metaphors through illustration

2.6. Explore the journey of secondhand clothing and the beauty of secondhand clothing through illustration

2.7. How can visual metaphors in illustration explore the idea of the underdog

3. Illustration

3.1. History

3.1.1. origin

3.1.2. moments which have changed the world forever

3.1.3. Illustrations role in documenting history

3.2. Future

3.3. Role in socitey

3.4. Techonology

3.4.1. digital

3.4.2. traditonal

3.4.3. cons and pros

3.4.4. History

3.4.5. How has illustration changed techology

3.4.6. what do relationships mean in the age of techonoly

3.5. Illustrator

3.5.1. Role

3.5.2. Place in society

3.5.3. Social change Social change affecting illustration Illustration effecting social change

3.5.4. Practical elements being an illustrator what you need to know to be an illustrator business guide for illustrators

3.6. What is Illustration?

3.6.1. Different types of drawing Sight The role of words in illustration

3.6.2. Illustration bringing things to life

3.6.3. When is an illustration finished

3.6.4. Illustration as researching

3.7. How is it different to graphic design

3.8. VCD

3.8.1. How it helps social issues Community art public art

3.8.2. its roles

3.8.3. Design issues Design issues specific to Illustration Colour Composition Contrast Rythnm Balance Form Symetry texture Repition Juxtapostion rule of thirds Tone Space Media difference between art and design nature and design Growth and creativity

3.8.4. Semantics Christian symbols

3.9. Narratives

3.9.1. Sequential

3.9.2. Holistic

3.10. Ethnographics

4. Conceptual art

5. Fairytales

5.1. putting fairytales into real life

5.2. Illustrated maps

5.3. Significance of fairytales in the role of building childrens morals.

5.3.1. are the characters still relavent

5.4. Morals and history

5.5. Morals

5.5.1. Eithics Personify values and ethics personification of personality traits Personify mother nature

5.6. Old wives tales

5.6.1. Where do they come from

5.6.2. myth busters

5.7. Myths and Ledgends

5.8. How is evil portrayed

5.9. Magic

5.9.1. magic of illustration

6. Metaphors

6.1. Visual metaphors

6.2. Possible ideas to explore

6.2.1. Elijah and the giant

6.2.2. good verse evil

6.2.3. Contrast

6.2.4. Journeys

6.2.5. Community

6.2.6. Getting to know your neighbour love your neighbour as you would yourself

6.2.7. brush is mightier than the sword

6.3. How do metaphors help the communication of ideas

6.4. what is a metaphor

7. Imagination

7.1. Being transported by your imagination

7.2. Change your reality

7.3. placing real people in fantasy world

7.4. Perception and objective reality

7.5. Brain as a tool

7.6. Where does imagination come from

7.7. Educating child on how to us there imagination

7.8. World of the dream

7.8.1. dream diary

7.8.2. dream catches

7.9. How to encourage people to use there imaginations

8. Movies

8.1. Movie posters

8.2. if your life was a movie

8.3. real life/ hollywood bravo

8.4. Looking at ideas of the cliche

9. My interests

9.1. Harry Potter

9.2. Opshopping

9.2.1. Journey of clothing

9.3. church

9.3.1. Narratives

9.3.2. Stain glass windows

9.3.3. staints and celebrities

9.4. How to survive a zombie apolclypst

10. Portraiture

10.1. Selfies

10.2. History of portraiture

10.3. the evolution of the portrait

10.4. Unsung heros

10.5. The history of portraiture

10.6. Conceptual

10.7. Modern portraiture

11. Making mistakes

12. Key words to Research

12.1. Illustration

12.2. Imagination

12.3. Creativity

12.4. Mistakes

12.5. Metaphors

12.6. Fairy tales

12.7. Morals

13. Wellington