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Building communities, thoughts, patters, and best practices by Mind Map: Building communities, thoughts, patters, and best practices
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Building communities, thoughts, patters, and best practices

1) Underestimating The Cold Start Problem

"Ten ways flickr builds community" by Kelly Miller via BusinessWeek



Take Responsibility

Step Back

Give Freely

Be Patient

Hire Fans

Stay Calm


Be Visible

Google's social design best practices

1. Engage Quickly

2. Mimic Look and Feel

3. Enable Self Expression

4. Make it Dynamic

5. Expose Friend Activity

6. Browse the Graph

7. Drive Communication

8. Build Communities

9. Solve Real World Tasks

"Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications and How to Avoid Them" by Joshua Porter

2) Focusing on Too Many Things

3) Lack of Sustained Execution

4) Pointing the Finger when Missteps Happen

5) Not Appointing a Full-time Community Manager

6) Not Building Archived Knowledge

7) An Over-Focus on Social Value

8) Not Enabling Recommendations

9) Failing to Set a Good Example

10) Failure to See the Larger War

11) No Business Plan other than to Grow

Growing networks around social objects. A talk by Jyri Engstrom

1. Define your object

2. Define your verbs

how can people act on the object

3. Make those objects shareable

peramalink objects

embeds/widgets to make objects portable

share actual files

4. Turn invitations into gifts

paypal sign up $10 bonus

skype sign up friend for free calls

5. charge the publishers not the spectators

"freemium business model"