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Our Office by Mind Map: Our Office

1. Issues

1.1. Communication

1.1.1. Between departments

1.1.2. Between individuals

1.1.3. Between Management and departments

1.2. Cafeteria

1.2.1. No healthy food

1.2.2. Not enough vegetarian meals

1.2.3. Too expensive

1.3. Allocation of tasks

1.3.1. Not clearly defined

1.3.2. Result Things get overlooked

1.4. Dark, grey, depressing

1.4.1. No light

1.4.2. No plants

1.4.3. No pictures

1.4.4. No place for the team to get together and relax a little

1.4.5. Not enough activities outside of work

1.5. Never enough milk for coffee!!!

2. Improvements

2.1. Designated milk manager

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Start the day with a quick meeting within the department

2.2.2. Start the week with a meeting Management Departments

2.2.3. Better collaboration software

2.3. Create a clear outline of each position and its responsibilities

2.3.1. Distribute

2.4. Omnibus order of pictures

2.4.1. People should have a say in what hangs on the wall in their room!

2.5. Annual company picnic

2.6. Team building activities

2.6.1. Paintball

2.6.2. Hiking

2.6.3. Sports Create teams for the marathon Train together regularly

2.7. Get a dart board!

2.7.1. At least two plants for each room