Importance of meatspace

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Importance of meatspace by Mind Map: Importance of meatspace

1. elements of flexibility of collaboration

1.1. existing networks (ie. on the campus, when coworking space sits in the middle)

1.2. tap into existing online networks

2. new ways to organize research

2.1. VCRO

2.2. Freelancing

2.3. Research Parks

2.4. Craig List for empty lab spaces

3. elements of flexibility of setup

3.1. infrastructure plus technicians

3.2. link to academia

3.3. relationship with faculties that have free resources

3.4. clear rules concerning IP rights ownership

3.5. coworking space organized around equipment not research area

3.6. clear regulations and safety management (safety courses, waivers)

3.7. good management of shared resources, such as reagents

4. examples of science hostels

4.1. Schloss Dagstuhl

5. areas of science suitable for new models of conducting research

5.1. field work (like geology, climatology)

5.2. basically most of safe (i.e. non-pathogenic) wet lab work, as long as it's dafety regs. compliant

5.3. all fields where computer is main tool (such as bioinformatics)