World War II Battles

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World War II Battles by Mind Map: World War II Battles

1. Battle of the Bulge

1.1. Originally named Ardennes Offensive, but the bulge in the attack line changed the name

1.2. The Germans ran out of fuel and the Americans conquered

1.3. Largest World War II battle fought by the Americans

2. Pearl Harbor

2.1. Reason why the U.S. abandoned their isolationism policy and joined the war

2.2. Japan launched a surprise air attack at the naval base in Hawaii

2.3. Japan's attempt to eliminate the U.S. from the war before they even joined

3. Iwo Jima

3.1. U.S. plan to capture the island Iwo Jima, due to their need for a naval base near Japan

3.2. The Japanese used dugouts, caves, and tunnels in this battle

3.3. Except for about 1,000 prisoners, the American army wiped out all of the Japanese troops

4. Stalingrad

4.1. Soviet defense of Stalingrad in U.S.S.R.

4.2. Also called "the Rat War" because the armies moved from hole to hole

4.3. Hitler lost a lot of trust from his generals, due to the humiliating defeat of this battle