Regulatory Compliance Activities

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Regulatory Compliance Activities by Mind Map: Regulatory Compliance Activities

1. Work single action list

1.1. Enrique Mercado y Juan Mejia

1.1.1. Keep International Standard up to date

1.1.2. Support on regulatory matters

1.1.3. Follo up Global CAPAs

2. NPD projects

2.1. Rebranding and Hardware update Projects

2.1.1. Juan Mejia GetAFix European Union New Zealand Australia United States Canada Japan 25kW replacement Little-B SA70 SART SA70 AIS EP & EG70 Cobra

2.2. Projects with unknown characteristics

2.2.1. Juan Mejia TOAD iFish iMX61 Solo Thorax Mahi 9ft VV Antenna Foreman

2.2.2. Enrique Mercado Agaric Trojan Sports Pilot Selux Chart Radar New VTS Pedestal Blackbrook Split GS70 Antenna Bobo Sugar Ray

2.3. Projects with new features

2.3.1. Juan Mejia SonicHub 2 Clinton (HDS 3) HDS-5 Gen3 HDS-7 Gen3 HDS-9 Gen3 HDS-12 Gen3 Bruto

2.4. Projects with the same features

2.4.1. Juan Mejia Rocky Simrad MO19-T & MO19-P Simrad MO24-T & MO24-P Simrad MO16-T & MO16-P Cassius NSS9 evo2 NSS7 evo2 NSS12 evo2 NSS16 evo2 Kahawai RI-12 Interface Box Pedestal Antenna-3ft Antenna-4ft Antenna-6ft RedTide RS90 VHF/AIS Radio HS90 Wire Handset SP90 Speakers Sylveser Jr. Elite-4 HDI, Elite-4m HDI, Mark-4 HDI, Elite-4x Rangitoto V90 VHF/AIS Radio HS90 Wire Handset Speedy Gonzalez New Zealand European Union Australia United States Canada Muriwai ZM16-T ZM19-T Zeus^2 Processor Porky

2.4.2. Enrique Mercado Dreadnought NAC-1 HELM-1 PUMP-1 Canada Spotlight EMC Testing Marvin Elite-3x Elite-3x DSI Floyd Mario Hobart H5000 Graphic H5000 Race H5000 Pilot Control Main CPU Pilot CPU Repower Dodge Beast Thor Bobo

3. Regulatory Matters

3.1. Jaime Belmonte

3.1.1. Mercury REACH Request

3.1.2. Conflict Mineral for Mercury SKU´s

3.1.3. Update compliance product status list

3.1.4. Conflict minerals for HONDA SKU's

3.2. Enrique Mercado

3.2.1. NSO evo 2 MED Certificate

3.2.2. RCM mark

3.2.3. Consillium Regulatory Documentation Audit

3.2.4. Research on ACMA regulatory requirements for Radars

3.2.5. Transfer products from Romsey UK

3.2.6. Test report missing Straight Shaft Helm Drive

3.2.7. Broadband 4G Radio Type Approval (CHINA)

3.3. Juan Mejia

3.3.1. RS10, RS25 and RS82 Denmark non-compliance

3.3.2. Russian Type Approval Contact Tim Ryder

3.3.3. CCS Type of Approval of RS35, HS35 and Link-8

3.3.4. Regulation revision changes 2014

3.3.5. EN 301 025-3 V1.5.1 Review

3.3.6. Polish Register of Shipping

3.3.7. One CCS type of approval for several MFDs Done, certificate for sales in china is ready

3.3.8. Procedure for review to enter new countries Done, It was reviewed and approved.

3.4. Draft of table to record updated to be done upon renewal of certificates

3.5. Compliance text in manuals