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EORR by Mind Map: EORR

1. test

1.1. A

1.2. B


2.1. - Final hand over document have been sent to Intecsa with EDMS team comments please make sure to revise them as per the comments and close the subject (this subject is assigned to Mahida and target date is clear in below email)

2.2. - Financial close out document to be submitted by Intecsa as per Article 8.4.3 (it is assigned to Mudasar and the target date by 19th.9.2015)

2.3. - Advance guarantees, performance bonds, & mechanical warranties to be renewed by Intecsa (it is assigned to Mudasar and the target date is 15th Sep. 2015)

2.4. - All pending invoices (retention & final invoice) to be released to Intecsa after clearing the above.

2.5. - Project to be closed financially on SAP (target by 10.10.2015).

3. Animals

3.1. Training dogs

3.1.1. Sniffer dogs

4. Computers

4.1. System support

4.2. Training the elderly in basic computers