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Mrs Aesop by Mind Map: Mrs Aesop

1. Humour in rhymes

1.1. "He was small/ didn't prepossess. So he tried to impress."

1.1.1. Suggests an insecure man who makes up for lack of physical appeal in preachy comments

2. Duffy imagines what it would be like to be married to a man who cannot stop moralising

2.1. It would be massively boring

2.1.1. Allusion to story of Mr and Mrs Bobbitt - the wife cutting off the husband's penis

3. Duffy uses a number of references to hi morals and fables, helping to create a humorous yet deadening effect

3.1. Aesop's words have become cliches

3.1.1. Aesop still believes his empty words to be wise

3.1.2. He is pompous Refers to his wife as "Mrs A"

4. She hates going out with him

4.1. Everything becomes a fable to him

4.2. "slow as marriage"

4.2.1. Uses the tortoise and the hare to describe the aginy of her marriage

4.3. "Asshole"

4.3.1. Dismissive of him entirely

5. "Actions, Mrs A, speak louder than words"

5.1. She becomes indignant because his "actions" are inadequate

5.1.1. "the sex was diabolical"

5.1.2. She uses the fable form to emasculate her husband "threatens to "cut off his tail" This shuts him up Ironically, alows her to "laugh last, longest"

6. religious first line

6.1. "by christ he could bore for purgatory"

6.1.1. Implies that he ould make purgatory even worse

6.1.2. "dead men tell no tales" A motive for Mrs Aesop to murder him He might finally shut up!