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Ryan Asplen by Mind Map: Ryan Asplen

1. Jiu-Jitsu Gi

1.1. Cotton

1.1.1. 2 Years Cut it up and use it as a rag for cleaning off tough grease

2. Sugar Glider Cage

2.1. Aluminum

2.1.1. 10-15 Years Use it for another animal after the Sugar Glider dies

3. Sandwich

3.1. Pig

3.1.1. 15 Minutes If i dont eat the whole thing feed the rest to my dogs so it doesn't go in a landfill

4. iPod

4.1. Petroleum

4.1.1. 20 Years Put it in a case so that it won't break if it falls

5. Glasses

5.1. Sand

5.1.1. 1-2 Years Take them off before i play sports so they won't get broken

6. Pocket Knife

6.1. Steel

6.1.1. 20 Years Use it for only cutting stuff so the tip doesn't break

7. Ford Flex

7.1. Aluminum

7.1.1. 35 Years Replace the parts not the whole car

8. Monitor

8.1. Petroleum

8.1.1. 20 Years Don't touch the screen so it doesn't mess up the picture and cause it to break

9. Heavy Bag

9.1. Cotton

9.1.1. 30 Years Don't hit it too hard and make sure it is mounted right so it doesn't rip

10. Hoodie

10.1. Cotton

10.1.1. 2-3 Years Wear it until im too big to fit it and then hand it down to a smaller cousin

11. Flashlight

11.1. Petroleum

11.1.1. 5 Years Replace old batteries so it doesn't get corroded

12. Headphones

12.1. Petroleum

12.1.1. 1-2 Years Don't play music on them too loud so i don't blow the speakers in them

13. Bed

13.1. Cotton

13.1.1. 15 Years Do not jump on it so the springs don't get damaged

14. Belt

14.1. Cotton

14.1.1. 15 Years After it falls apart i can take the thread and re use it to sew something else

15. Lizard Cage

15.1. Sand

15.1.1. 50 years Fill it with dirt and make a terrarium out of it after the lizards die

16. Desk

16.1. Trees

16.1.1. 100 Years After it has completely fallen apart you could burn it as firewood for a fireplace

17. Cell Phone

17.1. Petroleum

17.1.1. 5 years Do not drop it so the phone doesn't break and won't need to be replaced

18. Contacts

18.1. Petroleum

18.1.1. 1 Month Take good care and be sure not to rip them so they can serve their full life

19. Couch

19.1. Cotton

19.1.1. 25 Years Don't plop down on the couch so you won't break it

20. Shower

20.1. Copper

20.1.1. 25 Years maintain the shower and keep it clean so the pipes dont break and the shower runs efficiently

21. Plastic Water Bottle

21.1. Petroleum

21.1.1. 1 Day Refill the bottle with water from the sink so i don't keep throwing the bottle away

22. Batteries

22.1. Lithium

22.1.1. 3 Months Buy rechargable batteries so that you dont have to throw the out, you can just recharge them

23. Computer

23.1. Aluminum

23.1.1. 15 Years Take it to a professional to get it fixed so it doesn't get thrown away

24. Milk

24.1. Cow

24.1.1. 1 Week Use the jug to store other liquids

25. Lanyard

25.1. Cotton

25.1.1. 4 years use it after I graduate from school instead of throwing it out

26. Alarm Clock

26.1. Petroleum

26.1.1. 5 Years Do not slam the clock to turn off the alarm