Taming the Star Runner

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Taming the Star Runner by Mind Map: Taming the Star Runner

1. Always had a love of reading and writing.

2. Goes to a bar, gets drunk and arrested for drinking underage.

3. The one event that changes the character and plot.

4. Climax

4.1. Travis finds out they want to publish his book.

5. Rising Action

6. Travis is forced to leave Cleveland to live with his uncle in Oklahoma.

6.1. Travis makes new friends.

7. Exposition

7.1. Conflict

7.1.1. Travis threatens to kill Stan.

7.2. Setting

7.2.1. A ranch in Oklahoma.

7.3. Characters

7.3.1. Travis Harris Stan, his step dad. Mom

8. Personification

8.1. Giving inanimate objects human characteristics.

9. Metaphor

9.1. Comparing two unlike things using "is".

10. Simile

10.1. Comparing two unlike things using like or as.

11. Falling Action

11.1. Casey gets in a car crash.

11.1.1. A tornado hits the town. The Star Runner is injured. Travis gets his book published.

12. Literary Devices

13. S. E. Hinton

13.1. Wrote her first novel, The Outsiders, when she was fifteen.

13.2. Started writing because she lived in upstate NY and had nothing better to do.

14. Plot

15. Resolution

15.1. Travis and his uncle come to terms.

15.1.1. Travis accepts where he is.

16. Reading Strategies

16.1. Scanning

16.1.1. Talking to The Text Connections Questioning Predicting

17. Equestrian Jumping