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Causes of The French Revolution by Mind Map: Causes of The French Revolution
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Causes of The French Revolution


Primarily focused on women's right to an education.

Peasants vs. Nobles

The peasants expressed deep passionate hostility to their noble landlords which intenisified after Bastille Day.

National Assembly

No matter the motives behind the assembly it's goals/motives were met with fierce opposition.

Legal/Societal differences

Society being legally separated being clergy [people from the church], nobles, and common people [peasants, poor people, servants].

Rising price of bread

People directed anger of rising prices toward bread suppliers while government officials tried to eliminated conflict as such. That's why the government officials became link to the grain and bread markets.

Dirty Cities

Exposed to dirty air and water daily, urban dwellers were expected to have a shorter life span than the people in the country.

Incursions of capitalism

Drew more people into some form of regional and even international exchange.

Changed city life somewhat but country life stayed the same.

Large Population

In 1700 France had 20 million people over a period of about 100 years or so, increased by another 8 to 10 million people.