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The Princess Bride by Mind Map: The Princess Bride
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5

The Princess Bride

Preface (1-36) 35

Reading 1-36, 35 pages

Genre Research


Author Background

Letter to a Favorite Teacher

One: The Bride (39-69) 30

Social Networking (Turned in 5/8)

Chapter Title and Explanation 5/8 (ongoing)

Point of View

Two: The Groom (73-78) 5/8

Improvisation 5/12

Zoo of Death Diagram 74-76 5/12

Prince Humperdink's Portrait

Three: The Courtship (81-90) 9 5/8

Princess Noreena's Speech - 30 sec speech/video

Comic Strip

Greeting Card

Four: The Preparations (93-94) 1 5/8

Class Schedule

Five: The Announcement (97 - 218) 121

Advice Columnist

"Lost" Poster


Sports Commentating

Create a Flyer

Letter to the Editor

Mapping Fezzik's Journey

The Fire Swamp

Six: The Frestivities (221-288) 67

Love Letter


Last Will and Testament

Seven: The Wedding (291-334) 43

Found Poem

Motif Collage

Miracle Cure

Eight: Honeymoon (337-358) 21

Poetic Justice

Ending the Story

Buttercup's Baby: An Explanation (361-387) 26

Crossword Puzzle

Travel Brochure

Buttercup's Baby: S. Morgenstern's.... (393-450) 57

"I Am" Poem

Text Analysis

Wrap Up

Top Ten List

Write a Review

Casting Call