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Disposable Camera Ideas by Mind Map: Disposable Camera Ideas
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Disposable Camera Ideas

Unattainable Ideas

Unattainable Ideas

DNA matching buttons Pepper spray (2) Qwerty keyboard Edible (2) Indestructible (2) Jetpack Parachute Fuel reserve Tranquilizer Snack compartment Mini-fridge Attachable lenses Cheap fuel diesel X-ray scanner GPS Self-destruct mode Compass Detachable poncho Sunglasses attachment Ipod dock Games Ninja star Wheels Remote control Fold-out hat Invisibility Cable connection Camouflage Garage door opener Car starter Universal remote Poof! Water Foldable Ruler Coffee maker Fan Microwave Writing instrument holder Hovering capability (UAV) Toaster Protractor Eraser Projector Voice recognition Scanner Artificial Intelligence Pinhole camera Retina scanner Runs on water Distills water Pencil sharpener Detachable eating utensils Phone TI-83 Ice Cube maker Back scratcher World clock Alarm clock First–Aid kit Walkie talkie Mirror Telescope Mist-spray Pez dispenser Paper towels Cup holder Swiss army knife Cologne dispenser Fire extinguisher Lighter (Sweet, fire) Toothpick dispenser Heat detector Smoke detector Carbon monoxide detector Tic tac dispenser Money clip Turns into pack Stop watch Weather detector Pedometer Speedometer TV Blu-ray Chronometer PS4 World master key Xbox 360 (Modern Warfare pre-installed) Antenna Time machine Radio Dvd burner Throws confetti (confetti bombs) Fireworks Bottle opener Whistle Can opener Scale Box cutter Deception Thermometer Changes into a “bat-pack” Tissues Hand sanitizer Trendmill Razor Nail clippers Macro mode Microscope Close Range Taser (3)  

Aesthetic Features

Different color/theme casing (13)

Different shapes (3)

Smaller size (7)

Physical Features

Physical Features

Neck strap (3) Wrist strap Digital screen (17) Large viewfinder (2) Tripod Different sliding mechanisms Shutter lock Floating (3) Protective lens cover Simple display Touch screen Clock Calendar On/off button Keychain      

Technical Features

Technical Features

Lock exposure wheel Wireless photo uplink (6) Zoom ability (22) Light sensor (4) Night vision (3) More capacity (11) Alternate exposure counter (7) Color modes (7) Solar energy capable (3) Flash levels – specifically non-blinding (9) Timer (7) Face detection technology (1) Video capability (6) Picture review (8) Burst mode Memory card (11) Image stabilization (1) Auto-focus (3) Higher picture quality (5) Voice recorder Infra-red light Cost efficient materials (1) 3G Service Red-eye reduction (2) Post-exposure picture delete (3) Awkward flash prevention Easy flash on/off Exposure notification noise Easy access to film Easy to see if flash is on/off Action / shooting modes Bluetooth Power efficient On-board cropping On-board printing Speakers Microphone Light source Ethernet card USB port Picture editing Photo sensing Range finder Laser aim    

Durability Features

Durable film


Lightweight (8)

Waterproof (8)

Environmental Friendly Features

Bio-degradable casing (7)