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Integrated Unit: Plants by Mind Map: Integrated Unit: Plants
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Integrated Unit: Plants

Root Experiment: Dye a white carnation by putting stem in colored water

Language & Literacy

Songs & Poetry

My Garden

The Little Plant

Little Brown Seeds

Read Alouds

Introduce plant vocabulary

Observation Journal


Seed Sorting

Seed Graphing

Favorite Plant Graph

Seed Seriation - order various seeds from smallest to largest

Create index cards with numbers programed on them. Children place that many seeds on the card.

Uses various seeds to copy, extend, & create patterns.

Comparing More/Fewer/Same amount of seeds


Parts of a Plant

Edible Plants - children taste all 5 parts of the plant: roots, stem, leaves, flower, seeds

Disect a seed

Plant Life Cycle

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

What plants need to survive

Sprout seeds in various places (no sunlight, fresh air etc)

Observation Journal

Social Studies

How people use plants

How plants & animals help each other

Fine Arts

Seed Art - glue seeds onto paper to create a picture

After reading The Tiny Seed, create a picture using spatter art

Plant imprinting on fabrics

Use a variety of materilas, tools, & techniques to create artistic representaions of plants.

Dramatic Play

Farmer's Market

Flower Shop

Fine Motor Skills

Transfer seeds from one container to another using fingers, tweezers, tiny spoon