Teaching Beliefs.

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Teaching Beliefs. by Mind Map: Teaching Beliefs.

1. learning environment must provide a variety of learning activities to meet the needs of all students. (15%)

1.1. classroom management.

2. Regular communication with students' families. (10%)

3. Class is a community within a biggest community (the school). (15%)

3.1. Understand and abide by the laws.

3.1.1. Mutual respect, participation, attentive listening, appreciations, no put down.

4. Children's responsibilities. (15%)

4.1. Good citizens, role models, friends, teammates, learners.

5. Fill the students' brain with information.

5.1. Encourage them to deepen their interests. (15%)

5.1.1. Have a variety of resources (literature, textbooks, hand-on materials).

5.2. Introduce them to new ideas.

6. Adaptation to instruction. (15%)

6.1. Student groups, student-led and peet tutoring, one-on-one, hands-on, differentiated instruction.

7. Comfort. (15%)

7.1. Students feel a sense of belonging.

7.2. Love school and feel as though it is a safe place to learn.