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Sexting by Mind Map: Sexting

1. How to solve the problem

1.1. What can parents do?

1.2. Tips to prevent sexting

2. A real life example

2.1. Check out the video of the news report

3. What is it?

3.1. Wikipedia's definition of sexting

3.2. Sexting according to the Urban Dictionary

4. The Debate

4.1. Dangers

4.1.1. suicides

4.1.2. Harassment

4.1.3. Loss of jobs

4.2. Is it bad?

4.3. Long distance interaction

4.3.1. Personal between couple

4.3.2. Safer than some sexual games

4.3.3. Twist to spin the bottle

4.3.4. Long distance sex

5. New node

6. A very important video about sexting...

7. Some pics...