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Cyberbullying! by Mind Map: Cyberbullying!

1. New node

2. Effects


2.2. Sucide

2.3. Depression

2.4. Self harming

2.5. Low self esteem/confidnece

2.6. Having to move school

2.7. Insecurity

2.8. Attendance and performance at school

2.9. Strees

2.10. Health

2.11. Fuels prejudice in race, religion and sexuality

2.12. Can affect a person for life

3. Types of cyber bullying

3.1. Email

3.2. Texts

3.3. Social networks e.g. Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter.

3.4. Skype

3.5. Websites

3.6. Blogs

3.7. Instant messeging e.g. MSN

3.8. Impersonation

3.9. Hacking someone's social networking profile.

4. What can teachers/parents do? Here are 10 top tips:

5. Preventing

5.1. Check out this report about a school in Cornwall

5.2. A website that offers help and a cyber mentor

5.3. Never reply to cyberbullying

5.4. If related to school, use the school bullying system

5.5. Keep messages for future reference

5.6. Show children how to block bullies

5.7. If threatened with harm call the police

6. Definitions


6.2. Cyberbullying "involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others