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What makes a good mentor by Mind Map: What makes a good mentor
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What makes a good mentor

Experiences of mentor as student teacher

Better positioned to offer informed guidance & support

Own background

Knows what can make a good teacher

Shows pride in teaching, can encourge that

Knows how to build on students experience

Knows QTS policy

Knows Government policy



Knows University policy

Comprehension of paperwork required

Knows teaching

Understands own cohort of students

Has good teacher defining qualities

Forms inspiration for student teacher



Knows school policy

Knows of other school's policies

Is willing

To act as mentor

To share knowledge

To share resources

To invest time

Sees benefits in being mentor

To guide praxis, not impose

To build relationship with student teacher(s)

Knows subject area

Understands how to teach subject area

Secure knowledge of the school syllabus and framework

Informed decision by school regarding appointment of mentors

What are the school criteria for mentors?

Provide credibility for student teacher




Has links outside of current school



Other schools

Can helpfully judge/considers relevant detail

meso, micro, holistic levels

Can offer observations in combination with experience at useful level