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Technology helps us grow together and unite as a community because we are connected.

Computer helps us connect with other people which helps morale

We collaborate and learn about new ideas and knowledge that helps us with life

Learning and Education

We can learn new things from the internet and all kinds of things

We can display all kinds of information on blogs, social networking sites and other people can read it

New Generation

21st Century kids are creating the biggest network of social and cultural webs

They are focusing on technology and working with it so now

Technology is very influential to the new generation

Life and Career Skills

Social networking is used for businesses and whatnot and they can display what their businesses are about and they can get more customers

The web can help communicate some businesses

Most people use the computer to write their work resumes


21st Century learning is only existent because of the teamwork from everyone

Everyone works together to make the community better and if it wasn't for teamwork then this technological learning wouldn't be here

Social Networking

Facebook displays information about people and other kinds of things because it helps other people learn about things

Twitter can display helpful URLs like what Mr. Basinger does that and communicates with other people


51% of all black students & 52% of all Hispanic students graduate. 20% of all black students & 16% of all Hispanic students leave HS college ready

Half of US districts will have a one to one initiative by 2011