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Research Paper Process by Mind Map: Research Paper Process
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Research Paper Process

Breakdown of the Paper


Work on Thesis Statement, and introducing your argument.

Body Paragraphs

Work on breaking down the different arguments that the students will use to help support and oppose their main points.


Work on summing up the paper and rehit your main points in order to thoroughly conclude your arguments.

Paper Topic

In Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," what are the ideas that surround racism according to the way Huck, Jim, and the supporting characters interact throughout the novel.

Secondary Sources

Electronic sources

Sources that can be found online and can be used to support your thesis statement.

Supporting books

Books that are by the same other or other authors that can be used to support your main points, or may be used show a counterargument.

Primary Sources

The use of the book by Mark Twain. This should be where the students pull quotes from the book in order to support their ideas about the thought of racism.