sacraments = for abundance life of the church and the world教會聖事=教會豐富生命與世界

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sacraments = for abundance life of the church and the world教會聖事=教會豐富生命與世界 by Mind Map: sacraments = for abundance life of the church and the world教會聖事=教會豐富生命與世界

1. sacraments 教會聖事

1.1. eucharist 感恩禮

1.1.1. 藉由聖靈,麵包--葡萄酒改變成為真正耶穌基督肉與血真實生命的泉源 life is not the individualistic selfish existence , but PARTICIPATION TO jESUS BODY 生命不是以個人主義自私的存在,而是參與耶穌的身體 Jesus becomes our life 耶穌成為我們的生命 blessing for all creation 賜福所有的受造物 ultimate love of god, to become one with us 神是最終的愛,為要與我們合一

1.1.2. offering the creation to god , our sacrifice (in connection with the unique sacrifice of Jesus) 獻上受造物給上帝,我們的獻祭(連結在耶穌獨特的獻祭)

1.1.3. we participate not as individuals but as members of church 我們不是以個人身份參與,乃是以教會成員

1.1.4. Jesus body and blood unite us by the holy spirit to one 耶穌身體和寶血連結我們藉由聖靈來合一

1.1.5. for ever, in paradise with a more obvious way than bread and wine 永恆,在樂園比麵包和酒更為明顯的方式

1.2. baptism 受洗

1.2.1. become member of Jesus body 成為耶穌身體的一員

1.2.2. new way of existence 新的存在方式 god Father becomes my father 天父成為我的父親

1.2.3. participate to death and resurrection of christ 參與基督的死與復活 3 dipping to water 三次浸水

1.2.4. forgiveness of all previous sins 寬恕過去所有的罪

1.3. chrismation 聖膏或堅信禮(堅振禮)

1.3.1. holy spirit comes to the new christian 聖靈臨到新基督徒 personal pentecost 個人的聖靈降臨 gives the grace of god to understand , pray, love 給予來自上帝的恩典能理解,祈禱,愛 unite us in the churchru將我們連結在教會 It is the seal of sonship 封印連結在兒子中

1.3.2. unite us in the church 將我們連結在教會 royal priesthood 有君尊的祭司

1.3.3. without holy spirit cannot have christian life沒有聖靈就無法擁有基督徒的生活

1.4. forgiveness confession 寬恕告解

1.4.1. forgiveness is to cure, not that god does not punishes us寬恕是得醫治,不是上帝不懲罰我們

1.4.2. sin= decease not offense 罪=疾病不是冒犯 guide and advice for reconciliation and better christian life 指導和建議為了和好,能有更好的基督徒生命

1.4.3. sins are completely erased, do not follow us for all our life 罪完全抹去,不再跟隨我們的生活中 god sees us from the future not from the past 上帝看我們是從未來,而不是從過去

1.4.4. we unfortunately repeat the sins so need confession and forgiveness always for the new sins 不幸的是我們不斷重複犯罪,因此需要告解和寬恕, 這些是指新的罪行

1.5. priesthood 按立神職人員

1.5.1. to offer to god everything 將一切獻給上帝 purpose of human being- priest of universe 人類的目的--宇宙的祭司

1.5.2. participate to the priesthood of Jesus christ 參與屬耶穌基督的祭司群

1.5.3. cultivate the body of Jesus (the church) 培養如耶穌的身體(教會)

1.5.4. special priesthood 特別的祭司 leading role for sacraments 領導作用,為教會聖事 not anybody has authority to baptize etc.. 不是任何人都有權利幫人受洗.......等。 special leading role in the church (eucharist, etc) 特殊的主導作用在教會(感恩禮....等)

1.5.5. 3 degrees 三種身分 bishop主教 priest 祭司 deacon執事

1.5.6. by laying the hands of bishop 經由手按立的主教

1.5.7. from Jesus and Holy spirit to apostles , and by them to their successors continuously until today (apostolic succession)從耶穌及聖靈到使徒,藉由他們傳承人持續到今天(使徒繼承)

1.6. marriage 婚配聖事

1.6.1. the two shall become one flesh (only as miracle and gift of god)二人成為一體(唯有屬神的神蹟與禮物)

1.6.2. bless and increase the love 賜福並增加愛

1.6.3. children (the gift to be parents)孩子(父母親的禮物)

1.6.4. start before fall in paradise 開始在伊甸園,人類還沒墮落前

1.7. anointment sick 傅油禮

1.7.1. healing the decease of soul and body 醫治身體與靈性的疾病 bless oil and anoint the sick 祝聖油並為病人傅油

1.8. not officially sacraments according to later counting 其他聖事(未在七聖事內)

1.8.1. Consecration of a church 教堂祝聖儀式

1.8.2. monastic life 修士生活

1.8.3. Great Blessing of the water 水的祝聖儀式

1.8.4. Burial and memorial service 葬禮及追悼紀念儀式

2. ways to unify 合一的方式

2.1. uncreated (god) created (universe) 未受造(上帝)受造物(宇宙)

2.1.1. god acts personally to the world by his divine grace 上帝運行在人至世界,藉由祂的神恩

2.1.2. no division natural-supernatural 不區分為 自然--超自然

2.2. visible and invisible both required and in harmony 可見與不可見皆在和諧中

2.2.1. visible 可見的

2.2.2. invisible不可見

2.3. our relationship with god is我們與神的關係是......

2.3.1. personal 個人

2.3.2. not 並非是.... moralistic 道德主義 individualistic 個人主義 me and god only 只有我與神

2.3.3. abundant increasing for ever 不斷的增長豐富在永恆中 life in the body of god 在神身體中的生命 life in the body of god 在神身體中的生命 needs care 需要被照顧 cure 醫治 relations 關係 humans 人類 universe宇宙

3. origins 根源

3.1. come from the kingdom of heavens (future)來到天國(未來)

3.1.1. start by blessed is the kingdom of the father & son &holy spirit 首先頌讚屬於聖父聖子聖靈的國度

3.1.2. everything in the church beautiful, bright, glorious 在教堂裡一切皆是美麗,明亮,輝煌

3.2. going up, to paradise from hear and now 現在從這裡前往樂園

3.3. based on the life of church 生命的基礎建立在教會

3.3.1. bible聖經 new testament 新約 old testament (prefigured)舊約(預表)

3.3.2. holy tradition 聖潔的傳承

4. results結果

4.1. introduce us to church將教會介紹給我們

4.1.1. church= Jesus body 教會=耶穌身體

4.2. give the eternal life 給予永恆生命

4.3. unite us to each other by participating to the body of God 將我們與他者連結,藉由參與上帝的身體

4.4. give the grace of god to the creation 將上帝的恩典賜予受造物