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Chapter 3: Selling on the Web by Mind Map: Chapter 3: Selling on the Web
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Chapter 3: Selling on the Web

Revenue Models

Web Catalogue

Designed for people to place orders based on a list of products or goods.

Digital Content

Firms that own written innovation or rights to information use the web to distribute their 'info' effectively.


Solely supported by advertising No fees associated with service High traffic (general interest sites) Demographic focus (specific customers) Must be a way to measure/account number of hits (advertising must be links)  CPM impression means how many times ad is shown/CPC

Mixed Model Advertising Supported

subscribers pay a fee and accept some level of advertising

Fee for Transaction

businesses offer services for which they charge a fee that is based on the number or size of transactions they process.

Fee for Service

companies on the web that charge a fee for services provided

Models in Transition

Web Usability

Effective Web Presence

Attractive & easy-to-use

Ranks high on stickiness

Provides rich links/content

Provides help and support

Portrays consistent image

Reinforces positive image

Builds trusting relationship

Engages for return-ability

Strategic Issues

Channel Conflict and Cannibalization

Strategic Alliances and Channel Distribution Management

Mobile Commerce

Communication Modes

Mass Media

The Web

Personal Contact