Glooscap Turns bad into good

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Glooscap Turns bad into good by Mind Map: Glooscap Turns bad into good

1. Modern version of the story

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. The kid that turns bad into good Name: Mathew

1.1.2. Bad twins Name:Rod and bod

1.2. setting

1.2.1. school at recess.

1.3. conflict

1.3.1. a kid that makes friends with bad kids and makes them good.

1.4. Metaphors

1.4.1. Rod and Bod are the beavers and they are the beavers in Glooscap

1.5. Resolution

1.5.1. he turns them into good with the teachers help

1.6. Makes the teacher do the work like the stone

2. old version

2.1. characters

2.1.1. Glooscap and the beavers

2.2. setting

2.2.1. saint lorens river

2.3. conflict

2.3.1. trying to catch the beavers

2.4. metaphors

2.5. resolution

2.5.1. he turns the beaver into the red bank