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1. summary of the story

1.1. the arches is about a great flood that is gonna erupt on the whole village but then the Indians build a boat to survive and they take every one including the animals

2. big idea or message

2.1. the big idea about the story is that don't think about your self only and then all of the Indians took all of the animals.

3. evidence of big idea of message

3.1. i know this because when the Indians are on the boat with all the people/villagers and then they all stop to help the animals because there homes are getting destroyed and they have no were to go so they took them aboard.

4. modern version of story

4.1. setting

4.1.1. the story took place in s small little village

4.2. characters

4.2.1. Indian people lots of animals

4.3. conflict

4.3.1. the problem was that there was a great flood in the village

4.4. resolution

4.4.1. the problem got solved by they were built a raft to save all the people and all the animals

5. my short story

5.1. summary of story

5.1.1. the summary of the story is when the Russians are in the war with the Germans and some people were left behind and some Russians would not save some people

5.2. big idea

5.2.1. caring about other people other than your self

5.3. evidence of big idea

5.3.1. the evidence when the Russian's were helping the others in the war because some solder were left behind in the war

5.4. modern version of story

5.4.1. settings

5.4.2. characters Russians Germans brave solder

5.4.3. conflict some Russians are left behind in the war and they get stuck

5.4.4. resolution One brave solder went back to save them all and he does not die

5.4.5. metaphores brave solder