8 Successful Strategies for Public Speaking

Fundamental strategies on becoming an extremely successful public speaker. The tips mentioned here will, indeed, be worth your while.

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8 Successful Strategies for Public Speaking by Mind Map: 8 Successful Strategies for Public Speaking

1. Preparation is key

1.1. It is always impressive to watch a successful orator speak onstage. Words flow from his mouth like poetry. Of course, even a practiced speaker needs beforehand preparation.

1.2. Preparation is extremely essential to the success of a speaker. It enables you to speak clearly, know the order in which you have to speak things in, and reduce fumbling.

2. Planning, Planning, Planning

2.1. You need a cohesive beginning and end. Your presentation will benefit dramatically with the aid of this.

2.2. A little research will produce a suitably snappy opener or closer. Quotes or humorous anecdotes from your own life are recommended.

2.3. Also, if you can, visit the room you'll be speaking in beforehand and practice with the microphone positions. Highly recommended.

3. Know your audience

3.1. Direct your speech towards the correct audience. You want your speech to be a winner with the audience? Know who you're talking to.

4. Laughter is the best medicine

4.1. Insert humor. Great for diffusing the (possible) tension, and to have your audience's fullest attention.

4.2. Try including some wisecracks at the beginning of your speech, preferably with your opener. Makes a good impression.

4.3. As said by Victor Melling in Miss Congeniality: smilers wear a crown, losers wear a frown. So, whatever you do, remember to smile. It'll captivate your audience.

5. Dress Sense

5.1. This one is a no-brainer. A well-stitched suit or dress can lend an aura of elegance to your oration.

5.2. It shows that you care intently about your presentation. Well-done attire immediately wins the confidence of your audience.

6. Visualize your success

6.1. Visualization is just as important as a well-made speech, perhaps even more so. Imagine you're a hit with the audience, and you will be.

6.2. A short prayer helps to focus your thoughts, too. Give a good speech in the knowledge that it is your time to shine.

7. Exude confidence

7.1. Being confident is another vital part of public speaking.

7.2. Imitate someone whose body language strikes you as extremely confident. It'll help, trust me.

7.3. If you stumble, or stutter, or have to refer to your notes, do not feel embarrassed. Don't apologize to your audience, just continue. It will lend a smooth flow to your performance.

8. You are unique

8.1. Be yourself. Do not try to put up a pretense of something that you are not. The audience will love you for being yourself - you'll be a winner.

8.2. Instead, try to give an accentuated performance of yourself. Let your audience see your uniqueness. Ultimately, you must be an original, not a body double. The theaters are for that.

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