Language Teaching

Here You will find the first mental map done in class.

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Language Teaching by Mind Map: Language Teaching

1. Approach

1.1. It´s a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of language teaching and learning. an approach is a axiomatic. It describes the nature of the subject matter to be taught.

1.2. Depending on my believes as a teacher my desings on materials will be related to it.

1.3. Theory Of Language

1.3.1. Structural view Language as a System Grammar syllabus

1.3.2. Interactional view cumunication the base Communicative syllabus

1.3.3. Functional view Language is not only structures, but also functions and notions Notonal syllabus

2. Method

2.1. syllabus desing

2.1.1. Takes into a count the information and also the organization of information, also is connected to de selection and evaluation of the content. Synthetic Product Oriented Analytical process oriented

2.1.2. Roles Learner Teacher Materials Types Of Activities

3. Technique

3.1. Implementation of the desing

3.2. Classroom Practices

3.3. Activities, behaviors