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Why Nick ♥ Dart #dartlang by Mind Map: Why Nick ♥ Dart #dartlang
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Why Nick ♥ Dart #dartlang

Batteries Included Platform

Enhancing productivity

Dart Editor


Package Manager - PUB


JS Compiler

But FIRST... Background

"Dart is a new platform for scalable web app engineering"

Open Source since 2011

Ultimate Goal

Built with 3 Perspectives in Mind

How it relates to Javascript

Google Suggested waiting for version 1.0

Clean Code

Read Clean Code

Javascript can often be not so clean code

Dart has clean code as a feature

Named Constructors & Automatic Field Intialization


Getters & Setters

Optional Args and Defaults


Operator Overload

Cascading operator

more and more

Differentiating Features


true is the only truthy value

Optional Static Types

Implicit Interfaces

Function Interface

Tree Shaking

Futures & Streams

Concurrency via Isolates

Lexical Scoping & Closures

Useful Error Messages


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