Epidemiological Studies

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Epidemiological Studies by Mind Map: Epidemiological Studies

1. Experimental studies

1.1. The investigator manipulate the independent variable

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Clinical Trial determine the efficacy of treatment or protocol the groups are dichotomized based on exposure non-blind study: subjects and examiners are aware of the groups. single blind: only the subject is blind to the group assignments. double blind: both examiner and subjects are blind to the group assignment. triple blind: investigator, examiner, and subjects are blind to the group assignment, a monitoring committee oversees the research activities

1.2.2. Animal Studies

2. Observational Studies

2.1. The investigator does not manipulate the independent variable

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Cross sectional stuies the dependent and independent variables are measured simultaneously to study the study prevalence

2.2.2. Case control Studies the study groups are dichotomized based on the outcome (dependent variable) to explore potential risk factors. Primarily used to study rare disease retrospective analysis

2.2.3. Cohort studies the study groups are dichotomized based on the exposure (independent variable) to determine the incidence and establish risk factors retrospective and prospective analysis

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