Take Permission Manifesto

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Take Permission Manifesto by Mind Map: Take Permission Manifesto

1. Questions I'm answering/Pain I'm fixing

1.1. How do I build it?

1.2. How do I make it grow?

1.3. How can I enjoy life more?

1.4. How can I get what I hunger for?

1.5. How can I get freedom?

1.6. How can I achieve what I'm capable of?

2. The Take Permission Story

2.1. Dad's job

2.1.1. Mom Stayed at home while we were young Worked in different roles within education

2.1.2. Dad Main breadwinner 8-5 but memories are of dark to dark Lost his job when I was moved out - Came home early to clean the gutters. They didn't keep their promise to my dad who did what he was told. They kept their promise to efficiency or affordability.

2.2. Values

2.2.1. Responsibility

2.2.2. Ability

2.2.3. Purpose

2.2.4. Freedom

2.3. Solution

2.3.1. Education

2.3.2. Ownership I am rich I am capable I am called

2.4. Test

2.4.1. Affsdfs

3. Manifesto Study

3.1. Why a manifesto?

3.1.1. Community - Invoke a response and invite people in

3.1.2. Clarity - Give you and me clarity on what we're living for

3.1.3. Credibility - Manifestos take guts so you'll believe me and follow or you'll dismiss me and the ideas I am championing

3.2. Rules

3.2.1. Force them to take a position

3.2.2. Action required

3.2.3. Incite a movement

3.2.4. Pick a side

3.3. Tools

3.3.1. Keynote for links

3.3.2. Audio links

3.4. Manifesto Word Study (Evernote Note)

3.5. Manifesto Layout Study (Evernote Note)

3.6. Seth Godin Manifesto Post (Evernote Note)

4. Manifesto Examples

4.1. A Brief Guide To World Domination - Guillebeau

4.2. The Writer's Manifesto - Goins