Rap music is mysoginistic towards women, especially in their sexualization.

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Rap music is mysoginistic towards women, especially in their sexualization. by Mind Map: Rap music is mysoginistic towards women, especially in their sexualization.

1. "Yeezus is a relentless spleen-vent against the women in his life — the women he's fucked or wanted to fuck or who fucked him over or lied to him or whatever, that's occasionally provocative thanks to political asides that West has done more with more nuance and humor in the past." (Soderberg)

2. Mysogny

2.1. Women depicted as "objects of violence or male dominion." (Cundiff)

2.2. "Adams and Fuller (2006) assert that rap music reduces women to objects “that are only good for sex and abuse,” which “perpetuate ideas, values, beliefs, and stereotypes that debase women” (p. 940) (Cundiff)

2.2.1. "power over, objectification of violence against women to be prevelent." (Cundiff)

2.3. "women represent success, and they are treated almost as accessories" (Albert)

2.3.1. "misogynistic rap has been accepted and allowed to flourish, generating wealth for some of the artists and the music industry as a whole." (Adams)

2.4. "Rap's misogyny has been treated as a given. And that's just as dangerous." (Albert)

2.5. The violence in hip-hop, once used as a wake-up call, is now banal and predictable." (Linden)

2.6. "Misogyny in gansta rap is the promotion,glamorization,sup- port, humorization, justification,or normalization of oppressive ideas about women." (Adams)

2.7. Unoffended Women's Justifications

2.7.1. NYU, informally surveyed 100 women

2.7.2. "I believe these downward comparisons can be made to fictional characters such as prototypical "hoes" or "bitches" featured in songs in addition to actual people. They're not talking about me so it doesn't really matter what they say." - detachment (Rauch) 'Although the terms 'bitch' and 'ho' and their definitions are being used to describe a certain type of woman (as some artists claim), their use and the images they create oppress women as a group." (Adams)

2.7.3. "If you attack the person who is making a joke about you, it often acts as a reward for their efforts and encourages them to continue. It's just not worth making a fuss over. What they say doesn't really affect me unless I let it." (Rauch)

2.7.4. "I know it's offensive and attacks my gender but I just like how it sounds enough to tolerate it." (Rauch)

3. What does this mean?

3.1. "desensitized to the derogatory lyrics condoning relationship violence and sexual aggression" (Cundiff)

3.1.1. Consumers of rap are usually between 16-30 (Cundiff)

3.1.2. "Every time an artist who uses misogynistic over tones is given a platform( e.g., T.V. award shows) to spout misogynistic ideas, this ideology is further legitimated and the listener or viewer is further desensitized." (Adams) 

3.2. "Listening to misogynistic content may also attribute to listeners’ “expression of similar attitude in their own lives, including accepting the objectification of women." (Cundiff)

3.3. "When children watch television and see someone throw money in the air, with lots of cars and women, that image is stored in their minds as the definition of success." (Albert)

3.4. "The negative representation of women in rap, along with the overt of the glorification gangster underground, materialism, and violent crime, as seen in rap's conceptual metaphors, has likely caused many to view rap music as degenerative and problematic." (Crossley)

3.5. "Think of the whole discussion of "whirlpooling"this past summer, where girls would be assaulted in swimming pools in the Bronx and elsewhere.Talk to the victims and they'll tell you that these boys just have no sense that young women are deserving of any kind of respect." (Linden)

3.6. "If what an impressionable youth sees and hears is negative, society should not be surprised to see the youth act accordingly. Young women can internalize these views, incorporate them into their consciousness, and act out in self-destructive ways. Young men may also internalize these characterizations and incorporate sexist and misogynistic ways of being into their own way of life." (Adams)

4. Sexuality

4.1. Music contains more sexual content than other media outlets (Cundiff)

4.2. "videos typically showing women half-naked with the intentions of obtaining more listeners and viewers"(Albert)

4.3. "When are rappers gonna stop dissing their rivals by telling them they fucked their women ("bitches")? We're not chattel." (Shephard)

4.3.1. RUN-DMC "taunted 'suckerMC's, sad-facedclowns'" (Linden)

4.4. "Album after album names women as bitches,hoes,gold-diggers, and so on. The chicken heads, representation of women as sexual objects for men's use is a common trope in rap music." (Crossley)

4.5. "The objectification of women through metaphor in rap music has likely helped to sustain the conceptualization of women as a commodity." (Corssley)

5. Beginning

5.1. Rap music began in the late 1970s as a cultural expression of the Bronx youth. (Adams)

5.2. RUN-DMC

5.2.1. "In the beginning, women were hardly mentioned in lyrics and videos. If you look back at the RUN DMC days, Reverend Run and the gang always rapped about different life experiences." (Albert)

5.2.2. First rappers on American Bandstand (Linden)

5.2.3. "taunted 'suckerMC's, sad-facedclowns'" (Linden)

5.2.4. "The group single-handedly turned rap from a playground thing to an across-the-board money-making thing, linking the aesthetic of the streets to the pocketbooks of the malls" (Linden)

5.3. "Greg Tate says in the poem "What Is Hip Hop?" that hip hop.is the first African American art form that was pimped by black folks before white folks got their hands on it. It's minstrelsy again, but at least black folks are getting paid."(Linden)

6. Artist Examples

6.1. Kanye West - Yeezus

6.1.1. "I'm In It" Lyrics (2013) "Eatin' Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce" "Your pussy's too good, I need to crash Your titties, let 'em out, free at last Thank God almighty, they free at last" "Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign And grabbed it with a slight grind And held it 'til the right time Then she came like AAAAAHHH"

6.2. 2 Live Crew - Pop That Pussy

6.2.1. "really wanna be with you I get hard after seeing you How hard? Hard like a rock When you make that pussy pop"

6.2.2. "Bend over and spread 'em, girl Show me those pussy pearls Rub that ass and play with that clit You know I like that freaky shit Girl, you know you look so cute Throwin' that pussy the way you do"

6.2.3. "I like the way you lick the champagne glass It makes me wanna stick my dick in your ass"

6.3. R.A. The Rugged Man feat. Biggie - Cunt Reniassance

6.3.1. "I take it out the anal, fuckin Big is fatal Dangerous, you should see me swing the jimmy when the Henny's in me, fucking green bitches, like kirk when the cum spurts, I'm out bitch You know what I'm about bitch Hit em, quit em, forget em fist fuckem, dump em, in the truck and find another trick, to lick dick, to the tip down to the asshole, lips red like tabasco"

6.3.2. "Big Rip the twat (I rip your cunts out with spoons) Down to the asshole (R to tha A) Big rip the twat (I rip your cunts out with spoons) Down to the asshole"

6.3.3. "I rip your cunts out with spoons I make you feel pain like virgins on honeymoons"

6.3.4. "Pregnant bitch - you get kicked in the belly"

6.4. Eminem feat. Obie -Drips

6.4.1. "Pussy residue was on my penis, Denise, from the cleaners Fucked me good, you should've seen us'

6.4.2. "The womb beater, clean pussy eater, inserting my jock In that spot hotter than the hottest block, don't stop Response I got when I was knocking it Clocks steading ticking, kinky finger licking And carrying on, semen at my tip when she moans I gotta slow down before I cum soon And work that nigga, like a slave owner"

6.4.3. "She foaming at the lips, the ones between the hips Pubic hair's looking like some sour cream dip Without the nacho, my dick hit the spot though Pussy tighter than conditions of us black folks We in the final stretch, the last part of sex I bust a fat ass nut then I woke up next"

6.4.4. "Someone better get this bitch before she gets kicked in the stomach And she's pregnant, but she's egging me on, begging me to throw her Off the steps on this porch, my only weapon is force"

6.4.5. Song about Obie & Eminem sleeping w/ same woman. She gave them both aids. Obie's verse (the first) is about him having sex with this woman's; Eminem's verse (second) is about him killing the woman because she gave them HIV.

6.5. The Weekend feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz Khalifa - Or Nah

6.5.1. "Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah? You can ride my face until you dripping cum Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah? Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?"

6.5.2. "I'm tryna make these bitches sweat I'm tryna keep that pussy wet, I'm tryna fuck her and her friends"

6.5.3. "Can you really take dick or nah? Can I bring another bitch or nah? Is you with the shits or nah?"

6.5.4. "Girl, is you sucking me or fucking me or nah? Can I bring another bitch? Let's have a threesome Keep saying you's a freak, you gon' prove it or nah? His bitch keep looking at me, she choosing or nah?"

6.6. Piles - Miss Pretty Pussy

6.6.1. "You got the pretty set of pussy lips I've never seen If I want to eat you, I can eat you cause your pussy clean I thought it was all hair, that pussy sat up in those jeans But now I got you naked I can see how that pussy hang"

6.6.2. "I wanna fuck you raw that pussy like is everything Now all I wanna know, that pussy get real wet You got a soaker I got to run my tongue cross your chest Or I can rub on your clit and just play with ya neck And let me slide my finger in that pussy just to check"

6.6.3. "Nice pink, pussy same color as cotton candy That pussy smell like water, ain't no smell in it A clean muhfuka she run to the shower when we finish Little mama got a snapper, pussy be bite'n while I'm in it A tight pussy, seems like she ain't been fucked in a minute I like to look at it while we fuckin I can see those lips grippin Seems like that pussy get wetter, when them toes to the celing And while she steady moanin, shit I'm steady diggin And fuck her ever long, I can see that pussy from that position that pussy so good I wish I was able to take this pussy with me Just let me lay my head on this pussy for a minute"

6.7. Mystikal - Pussy Crook

6.7.1. "But if ya pussy smellin shrimpy Ho, get yo fuckin shirt and shit Somebody better stop her, she runnin round this bitch ha pussy smellin like Red Lobster That's the type of Bitch ya don't touch"

6.7.2. "Dick don't fail me now (huh huh) I knock the coochie lining out (thas right) If I hit it one time ya hooked (and thas it) They call me the pussy crook (give it up)"

6.8. Ying Yang Twins - Whisper Song

6.8.1. "You like to fuck, have yo legs open all in da butt Do it up slappin ass cuz the sex gets rough Switch the positions and ready to get down to business So you can see what you've been missin' You might had some but you never had none like this Just wait til you see my dick"

6.8.2. "Walk around the club with yo thumb in ya mouth Put my dick in, take your thumb out"

6.8.3. "Fuck a bitch on da counter make the Plates fall Back On the floor she aint screamin she a nut so they crack Crack...crack Fuck that bend over imma give you a smack Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick Wait til you see my dick"

6.9. Three 6 Mafia - Slob On My Knob

6.9.1. "Lay on the bed, and give me head Don't have to ask, don't have to beg Juicy is my name Sex is my game Let's call the boys, let's run a train Squeeze on my nuts Lick on my butt The natural curly hair, please don't touch First find a mate Second find a place Third find a bag, to hide the ho face"

6.9.2. "Hit it from the back Enjoy the sound Lay on the cover Always use the rubber Till I got caught, fucking with her mother"

7. Now

7.1. "Radio rap is now controlled by major labels to such a degree that it seems as though saying hateful things about women is one of the few rote topics that rappers can get away with on the airwaves. Rap on the radio is no longer a voice of the streets. It often helped call attention to the epidemic of violence in urban areas, reminding the comfortable that there was a pointless drug war still going on. It is not a coincidence that journalistic details have been rubbed out of popular rap; it is not a coincidence that misogyny is still pervasive." (Albert)

7.2. "Although rap music has been on the open commercial market since the late 1970s, overt misogyny in rap did not emerge in this genre of music until the late 1980s." (Adams)

8. Why?

8.1. "Some artists may use such lyrics to gain status, recognition, and high volume sales, when they may not personally believe in what they espouse." (Adams)

8.1.1. " So you have to remember, most of these gansta guys don't live the life they talk about." (Run - Linden)