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Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web by Mind Map: Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web
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Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web

7 pages every webpage should have

Contact Us

Customer Testimonials/Stories

Privacy Policy

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A "gimme" page

page which readers give you their information for something in return like a subscription newsletter

About Us


acknowledges an order and thanks the visitor for his/her business "your order has now been completed"

Web Marketing

Product based strategies

Organize their home pages with lists of categorized products

Customer based strategies

Focus on the 'customer first'. home pages are catored towards the customer and appeal to their needs as opposed to just listing features

Trust and Media Selection

MArket Segmentation

homepage is linked to other pages that are specific to market segments. segments may include: men, women, businesses, individual customers, etc. Leads into customer based strategies so that you can customize what you offer.

The Long Tail

products that do not sell as regularly as popular products but make up a greater percentage of profitability competitive advantage of Ecommerce compared to Bricks and mortar stores: it is much easier and affordable to provide 'long tail' items

Consumer Behaviour


Relationship Marketing

Consumer Strategies


costs associated with building awareness and exploration


how much is it going to take to convert a person/browser into a buyer who SPENDS money


amazon's wisth list:  retains customers by recording their preferrences, wants and information.  this makes customers loyal as it is convenient for them to stick with the same vendor

Search Engine Strategies

Search Engines

Web Directories

staff of people that carry out the tasks involved with making your site easily searchable

Search Engine Optimization for Keywords

which words what order of words How you combine words Popular(short tail) words/terms are expensive to buy

Paid Inclusion

Blogs, Social Media Sites, Forums

Website Domain Names

buy a lot of names to make sure browsers find you

Branding Strategies

Leveraging and Consolidation

Affiliate Marketing

a commisioned sales person..... if a site sees potential in the segment that visits another site.  they can affiliate themselves with the site and advertise to that segment. Branding:  you use the other sites brand to help market yourself

Viral Marketing

word of mouth....  you tell two friends... then they tell two friends

E-Mail and CRM Strategies

Permission Marketing

'gimme' get customers to give you their Email so that you can send them something (newsletter) this is not junk mail

Content and Advertising

giving the customer something (content) while educating them about you or your product enticing them to buy

Outsourcing Processing

eCRM solutions

Advertising Strategies

CPM ads (cost per thousand views/impressions) CPC CPT

Banner Ads

Pop-up Ads

easy to create in-house can annoy your customer.  you must be careful because you have to be sensitive to customers.

Active Ads

Interstitial Ads

Site Sponsorship

Problems - Measuring Effectiveness

there is no current model or way to measure effectiveness.  everyone does it slightly differently. no standardized method.