2010 Mind Map The First 6 Weeks

To collect Data on the first six weeks and anything moving forward from then.

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2010 Mind Map The First 6 Weeks by Mind Map: 2010 Mind Map  The First 6 Weeks

1. Camp 1: Haiti

1.1. Ideas

1.2. Projects

1.3. Feedback

2. Camp 2

2.1. Ideas

2.2. Projects

2.3. Feedback

3. Camp 3

3.1. Ideas

3.2. Projects

3.3. Feedback

4. Camp 4: Chile

4.1. "Parking Lot": - Create an Application to connect information resources and language to work with tweak the tweet - Improve geocaching in twitter so that we can find their location more easily (Google Map Maker Data Helped with this)

4.2. Projects: - Ushahidi teaching: Methodology? We created a video/slideshare to explain how to use Ushahidi in some simple steps

4.3. Feedback: - Make a checklist of all of the social media sites that we should go to

5. Future

5.1. This is a place to put anything that is important for moving forward

5.2. Notes

6. Beginnings

6.1. Feedback

7. Camp 1: Haiti